justincraigthomasparsons-logo-fbJustin Craig Thomas Parsons is a singer, songwriter & poet from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Inspired by Newfoundland’s famed kitchen parties – where everyone gathers together amongst the warmth of family, friends and music – Justin honed his unique musical style, learning from his grandfather and friends and gathering inspiration from the tall tales and songs sung around the kitchen table.  A strong musical storyteller, Justin writes about love, discovery & social issues that affect our daily lives.  img_3570.jpgYou can feel the plight of the working class in his song, “Broken”, a sweetly haunting folk ballad about the decline of the mining industry and its knock-on effects for the people of Northern Ontario, which was featured on his second EP, “THREE”, released last year.

With his grandfather’s beloved ’68 Fender, Justin has now played every major city across Canada – including a full winter tour sleeping in a van in -30C temperatures – and is branching out into the UK and Asia while lining up a third EP.  His first, “Missing You and I”, was home-recorded in Calgary and was followed up with a 20-date Canadian tour. Justin then spent a few months living in a remote caravan writing the second EP, “THREE”, which was recorded and released in autumn 2015.

So what is music to you?  “It’s everything.  I don’t feel happy without it.  It takes things off my mind, helps me say things I couldn’t say face-to-face – and it’s also a way to rework things so you don’t rat anyone out.  You can release things from your brain that you probably shouldn’t keep in there…”

What has been your biggest honour?  “Playing Amazing Grace at my grandfather’s funeral three years ago, with my Great Uncle Clary.”

What would you have done if you never took up a career in music?  “My father’s family were all sailors.  Great grandfather, grandfather and father.  So it was either go to sea or hit the road.”

What’s Your Next Stop?  “Everywhere.”